Brunch in the 14eme Paris

There are times when you get up without appetite, take a shower and go out with only an orange juice in your stomach. Half way through the morning you feel hungry and feel like it’s too late for breakfast but too early for lunch. So what’s the solution, brunch! Of course there are great places to have brunch in Paris and we won’t be listing them all here, we will just mention the ones we know or  where we often go which are all within a few minutes walk from My Paris Apartment:

Les Frangines

Address: 46 rue Raymond Losserand, Paris 75014    Frangine’s Google Plus page When: Saturdays (closed on Sundays) If you’ve worked up an appetite then you just might be able to finish the good quality food that they offer with their brunch menu for 21€: a basket of croissants, pain au chocolate and pain au raisin, fresh bread with butter and jam, orange juice and a hot drink of your choice (we can recommended the hot chocolate), eggs with cheese or eggs with salad, a plate of charcuterie or for the vegetarians a selection of cheeses accompanied with delicious fig chutney and finally fromage blanc with the choice if red fruit coulis or chestnut and honey sauce. Arrive early 11:30am or be sure to book a table: 0143211180 to avoid disappointment.


Address: 174 Avenue du Maine, Paris 75014 When: Sundays and bank holidays Probably the best value for money, and if you are on a budget you can’t go wrong here: 13.90€ for bread and jam, croissant, roast potatoes with bacon, scrambled egg, fruit salad, yoghurt, freshly squeezed juice and a hot drink. Brunch is offered here on Sundays and bank holidays. Brunch at Felicie, Paris 14eme

Les Pipelettes

Address: rue Brézin, Paris 75014  When: Sundays and bank holidays For very high quality food this small but classy café on rue Brézin is your choice . You may find it a bit light with the first few nibbles, but if you go for the full monty, you get a selection of either high quality Spanish iberico ‘charcuterie’ or tasty Scotish smoked salmon with tarama. As with all brunches it comes with bread and pastries, fruit juice and a hot drink but at Les Pipelettes they also serve scones. It’s really worth the  €21 and once again to avoid disappointment you may wish to arrive early or to book a table: 0981292732


Address: 7-9 rue Francis de Pressensé, Paris 75014   When: Sundays 11:45-14:45 This is a buffet brunch at €26 or €30 with a glass of champs; The buffet is set up in the bar and you can sit out on the terrace in the summer to enjoy the range and selection of food they offer. You really need to go with an empty stomach to ensure that you’re able to appreciate the gastronomic selection of meat, fish, vegetables and desserts, after the croissant and coffee. In a way it’s kind of like buffet lunch, except that you can have some croissants, orange juice and coffee at the start. The outside patio is a great spot, but it’s wise to ring and book the day before.

Cafe du Rendez-vous

Address: 2 avenue General Leclerc, Paris 75014 When: Sundays 11am-4pm 24€ Cafe du RDV is confidently located next to the RER station Denfert Rochereau here you can enjoy a smoothie or fruit juice, pastries and bread with a hot drink, yoghurt and salad and once again you have the choice of charcuterie and cheese or smoked salon with eggs. If you not quite hungry enough for brunch most cafes offer breakfast (juice, hot drink, bread and a croissant) for around 6€-8€. Remember in Paris it’s cheaper to drink at the bar, a coffee and croissant here would cost around 3€. If you’re missing the UK them why not try Poppins Cafe on Raymond Losserand as they offer an English breakfast!   We hope you like any of our recommendations. There are still a couple of places apparently quite good for Brunch as we hear from friends (eg: Café Ruby) but we have not tried them ourselves.

Bonne Appétit!

10 good reasons to visit Paris in August

I love Paris in the month of August!

Around the Fete National day, Parisians tend to adopt the same vacation modus operands: flocking out the French capital as soon as possible to reach their house by the beach or in the countryside. It is estimated that about 50% of Paris residents leave the capital in August. Paris suddenly goes very quiet. 

From about the 15 july and nearing the month of August peace reigns over the French capital. But not for this, it means this month should be avoided if you plan to visit Paris. ‘Au contraire’, it is a bonus to visit Paris in this season. Why? because Paris suddenly regains a different feel, much more pleasant and relaxed than usual. This perceived unnatural quietness reflects and manifests in Parisian street life and social feel.

Parisian residents that happen to stay in are much more relaxed. You see more people smiling, lingering out in corners engaging into conversations, and of course the street brasseries, cafes and restaurants are busy, but not packed as usual.

There is also a growing sense of ‘camaraderie’ between those residents that stay in the capital and tourists. Everyone suddently turns friendlier in the quiet summer months, even waiters, who are usually tourists’ main source of criticism for rudeness towards Parisians. You still get to see a lot of people in the parks chilling out, uncrushed and sunbathing in the month of August. 

Staying in Paris in August as a resident or as a tourist has many advantages. Here’s some of them:  

1. One can get to enjoy the best of the city museums and sightseeing spots without the crowds and without having to queue ages to go in. I am a resident but I still like to go up to the Arc de Triumph for a great view and to take some photos.

2. You are able to turn to restaurants, brasseries or your local hairdresser without having to book in advance. While you get less choice, still plenty of restaurants that dot any street at open (approximate 40-50% of them).
  • One can get to enjoy the best of the city museums and sightseeing spots without the crowds and without having to queue ages to go in. I am a resident but I still like to go up to the Arc de Triumph for a great view and to take some photos.

  • 2. You are able to turn to restaurants, brasseries or your local hairdresser without having to book in advance. While you get less choice, still plenty of restaurants that dot any street at open (approximate 40-50% of them) – See more at:

3. There are far less cars on the roads (about a third of the usual number), so it much more comfortable to cycle around without hearing car hums, traffic noise and smelling the pollution. If you like cycling and are thinking of bringing your city bike to Paris, then you should visit in the month of August where the streets will be yours. You will get the feeling that the streets are something of your own as you cycle without the usual hustling traffic

4. If you do not want to bring your own bike, and think of using the Paris public bike system: Vélib, then again, this is a very convenient month to use them as there will be no lack of bikes at any time in the day and no lack of bike post to park them once you reach your destination. Vélib + August = top convenience.

5. Walking around the streets of Paris in the mornings is a respire of fragrance and calm, particularly if you are staying in a village-like arrondisement like the 14eme, where your have numerous little pebble stone streets next to parks and green bushes and flower sets.  Visit the local parks by Moulin Vert and admire the little houses near rue Cité Bauer, Rue Thermopiles or the side streets by Boulevard René Coty

Artistic street of cité Bauer in the 14th district of Paris

6. The top brasseries at Boulevard de Montparnasse are open: Le Dome, La Rotonde, …. as well as the Bar a huitres. so it is real pleasure to eat seafood while sipping champagne in one of the rather uncrowded terraces watching the remnant Parisians and wise tourists pass by.

7. While some shops and other businesses close, not all shops do. I’d say that about 60% of places close for at least 20 days during the summer season. However, I find that I can still have my morning coffee & croissant at one of the open brasseries in my area. They don’t all closed in august. August is a good month to do shopping without the crowds.

8. Most pedestrian street hubs in Paris still have life and some shops remain open to public. So you get less choice but less rushed. Eg: rue Daguerre in the 14th had the ‘italian delicatessen’, the ‘champagne place’, the greek traiteur, the corner Daguerre café… 

9. On 14 july and 15 August is the  all Paris museums and monuments are open to public despite it being a bank holiday. Again, no long queues on those two days despite them being bank holidays.

10. Street markets, although smaller in number of stalls, are much easier to go through and again, hardly any queueing is needed.

I am personally a great fan of staying in Paris in the busy months of July and August. I enjoy the sense of peace that reigns everywhere. Come to Paris in August, book yourself into one of the many available holiday apartments for rent in the French capital and you will have a whale of a time. Have you ever stayed in Paris in the month of August?

TripAdvisor awards us a Certificate of Excellence for our Parisian apartments

This week our apartments were blissed. They have been awarded a Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor.

We have been working very hard during years to ensure that we deliver consistent high levels of great service to our guests, and today we are glad to have received an award of recognition by TripAdvisor. Our actual certificate is on its way, but TripAdvisor are already showing it on our two apartment profiles on both our Des Plantes and Montparnasse apartments, but also on our Holidaylettings profiles here and here, which is Tripadvisor’s partner company.

We thought it’d be good to share it with everyone as we are proud to have received it. Have you ever stayed with us? perhaps you would like to try us for your next Paris holiday break in Paris?





Emma’s secret tips to the 14eme arrondisement

After living in 'the 14th' for quite many years, I have found my favourite places in the 'quartier' which I'd like to share with you…

Best Chocolate

Maison Chenu 
85 rue Raymond Losserand

Although the owner of this patisserie takes a bit of getting used to, it's well worth a visit to try her homemade chocolates. You can buy a box of chocolates to take home as a souvenir/gift or you can choose from the section available and buy a little sachet, which you can then sample while walking home through the famous street 'rue des Thermoplyes' which sides with their shop. 'Rue des Thermoplyes' is probably the most photographed street in the neighbourhood which has featured in a number of films including 'Paris Je t'aime'. 


Best bread

La Fournée d'Augustine
96 Raymond Losserand

There's probably more than ten boulangeries along the length of Raymond Losserand one of which has recently been publicised in the press as producing the best baguette in Paris:  However my favourite is La Fournée d'Augustine, try their 'petite boule levin' or their 'petite boule cereales' or one of their 'baguettes tradition' . What ever you choose you won't go wrong! While you're there you won't be able to resist their cakes… I like their traditional cheese cake or their strawberry tarts. Unfortunately this boulangerie isn't open on Sundays. Little tip to keep your bread fresh Keep your bread in an air tight container to retain its freshness, pop it in the oven for a few minutes to crust it up a bit.

Cheapest Café 

Le Moulin Cafe
9 Place de la Garenne (just off rue Pernety)

You can become an 'adherent' of this little cafe for 10€ and benefit from further reductions off your food and drink. Even without the discount you can get a platter of cheese and a glass of wine for 5€; they also serve extremely cheap lunch and dinner dishes. They have a section of board games which you can play and they have regular entertainment throughout the week including Salsa and Zumba classes. Once a week you can buy locally grown organic vegetables from the cafe at extremely reasonable prices. It seems the cash made goes to the neighbours' social club as it is run by them.


Best ladies clothes

Shop Ema Robe
49 rue Daguerre

A fantastic selection of clothes at reasonable prices, I love their dresses and handbags. Ema Robe offers a selection on Nat and Nin handbags and purses. 

Best salads

Maison Peret
6 rue Daguerre

Peret offer a wide range of delicious salads my favourites being the Capri (only available from May to September when the goats cheese is in season) and the Mayan salad with goats cheese roasted on honey bread. If you don't like one of the ingredients the waiters are always happy to swap them for you. You can have an apero there watching the shoppers pass buy, I recommend 'un cremant' for an appetitive. If you go with friends get a pitcher of Cahors red wine and a platter of cheese and charcuterie and you'll love it. If you have any room left their 'confite de figue' dessert is great, again only available when in season. 

Wine tasting

There's a number of places where you can go for wine tasting and tapas:

Place Jacques Demy 
rue Didot, this cave offers wine from the Languedoc region of France in the south. As the region is one of the sunniest in France their wine is strong, like Spanish wine. You can do a degustation here of wine and charcuterie. 

L'ombre d'un Bouchon
82 rue Daguerre
A very classy cave where you can try a range of wines from different regions and countries:  

Are you missing home…?

Monoprix on rue Alesia has a British section where you can get among other things HP Sauce, Marmite, Typhoo tea bags and salad cream.
There's also a Japanese section and Spanish and Italian section in case you're missing any other delicacies.


Do you have any secret tips about the '14th that you would not mind sharing ? Please let us know in the comments

New visual identity for My Paris Apartments

We have proud to announce that the visual identity for our humble apartment business gets a facelift. We have been promoting the apartment business for about 7 years with a logo that David built on Photoshop in a rush, and we’ve always thought it could get better. So we decided to take our little project onto Design Crowd and see what we could get out of it. The result has been an impressive amount of design proposals for design artists.

DesignCrowd is as the name suggests a crowdsourcing platform for designers and publishers to work on projects. As a client you can put up your project on their site, specify how much you want to pay and quickly get a bunch of designers bidding for your project. The next step is to choose the best design. You only pay for the winning design.

We feel the new logo reflects more appropriately the location for the apartments, the modern aspects of the properties ( on the words ‘My Paris’) but also the classic and stylish touch of the decoration inside the properties (in the word ‘Apartments’). We also kind of loved the artistic look of the Eiffel Tower.

This new business logo takes us into a new era with our humble rental business as we have started the month of September which an incredible array of bookings on both apartments. Our studio apartment has been overwhelmed with booking requests and reservations for nearly the whole of December and large amounts of bookings already for 2014 all the way to July next year. And the second apartment, our family apartment,  is also doing extremely well with only a few gaps left to book in the run up to January. Despite the increased competition in the holiday rental market in Paris, we are pleased to see our own share doing very well.

Feel free to let us know what you think of our visual identity.

Happy New Year 2014 to all!

In the middle of this festive season and as 2013 comes to a close, we would like to take a moment to wish everyone a prosperous New Year packed with travelling opportunities, weekend escapades and great leisure moments.

Over the past year, My Paris Apartments has achieved many significant milestones in welcoming new guests to our two family-owned apartments in Paris. We have welcomed in guests from about 25 countries across the globe so far. We have been listening to feedback from all guests, and acted upon the feedback and made enhancements to our apartments.

We have upgraded and we will keep upgrading our apartments to make them increasingly welcoming and comfortable. We are pleased to have received significant recognition by new and returning guests via Satisfaction & Reviews platforms on industry-known portals like TripAdvisor and HomeAway. Comments from our guests speak for themselves and we are proud to commence the year with great occupancy levels reaching all the way to October 2014.

A very significant milestone for our little business has been the facelift of our personal website which is now all together more user friendly, more presentable, clearer and offers what most guests has been asking for: reservations and payments online. This has made us aware of how better serve and support our customers.

We would like to start the January Sales season early. If you book into any of the available slots free in the month of January through our website before 10 january, you get a 10% discount applied directly online on our website. There are only a few slots free!

We wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy holiday season and best wishes for a prosperous 2014!

Emma & David
My Paris Apartments