Brunch in the 14eme Paris

Brunch in the 14eme Paris

There are times when you get up without appetite, take a shower and go out with only an orange juice in your stomach. Half way through the morning you feel hungry and feel like it’s too late for breakfast but too early for lunch. So what’s the solution, brunch! Of course there are great places to have brunch in Paris and we won’t be listing them all here, we will just mention the ones we know or  where we often go which are all within a few minutes walk from My Paris Apartment:

Les Frangines

Address: 46 rue Raymond Losserand, Paris 75014    Frangine’s Google Plus page When: Saturdays (closed on Sundays) If you’ve worked up an appetite then you just might be able to finish the good quality food that they offer with their brunch menu for 21€: a basket of croissants, pain au chocolate and pain au raisin, fresh bread with butter and jam, orange juice and a hot drink of your choice (we can recommended the hot chocolate), eggs with cheese or eggs with salad, a plate of charcuterie or for the vegetarians a selection of cheeses accompanied with delicious fig chutney and finally fromage blanc with the choice if red fruit coulis or chestnut and honey sauce. Arrive early 11:30am or be sure to book a table: 0143211180 to avoid disappointment.


Address: 174 Avenue du Maine, Paris 75014 When: Sundays and bank holidays Probably the best value for money, and if you are on a budget you can’t go wrong here: 13.90€ for bread and jam, croissant, roast potatoes with bacon, scrambled egg, fruit salad, yoghurt, freshly squeezed juice and a hot drink. Brunch is offered here on Sundays and bank holidays. Brunch at Felicie, Paris 14eme

Les Pipelettes

Address: rue Brézin, Paris 75014  When: Sundays and bank holidays For very high quality food this small but classy café on rue Brézin is your choice . You may find it a bit light with the first few nibbles, but if you go for the full monty, you get a selection of either high quality Spanish iberico ‘charcuterie’ or tasty Scotish smoked salmon with tarama. As with all brunches it comes with bread and pastries, fruit juice and a hot drink but at Les Pipelettes they also serve scones. It’s really worth the  €21 and once again to avoid disappointment you may wish to arrive early or to book a table: 0981292732


Address: 7-9 rue Francis de Pressensé, Paris 75014   When: Sundays 11:45-14:45 This is a buffet brunch at €26 or €30 with a glass of champs; The buffet is set up in the bar and you can sit out on the terrace in the summer to enjoy the range and selection of food they offer. You really need to go with an empty stomach to ensure that you’re able to appreciate the gastronomic selection of meat, fish, vegetables and desserts, after the croissant and coffee. In a way it’s kind of like buffet lunch, except that you can have some croissants, orange juice and coffee at the start. The outside patio is a great spot, but it’s wise to ring and book the day before.

Cafe du Rendez-vous

Address: 2 avenue General Leclerc, Paris 75014 When: Sundays 11am-4pm 24€ Cafe du RDV is confidently located next to the RER station Denfert Rochereau here you can enjoy a smoothie or fruit juice, pastries and bread with a hot drink, yoghurt and salad and once again you have the choice of charcuterie and cheese or smoked salon with eggs. If you not quite hungry enough for brunch most cafes offer breakfast (juice, hot drink, bread and a croissant) for around 6€-8€. Remember in Paris it’s cheaper to drink at the bar, a coffee and croissant here would cost around 3€. If you’re missing the UK them why not try Poppins Cafe on Raymond Losserand as they offer an English breakfast!   We hope you like any of our recommendations. There are still a couple of places apparently quite good for Brunch as we hear from friends (eg: Café Ruby) but we have not tried them ourselves.

Bonne Appétit!