Have you ever thought of investing in real estate in the French capital? Buying to let is not something for the high-return hungry investor. Like everywhere investing in property is a long term game: you may want to buy a slice of the Parisian experience today, live in Paris for a couple of years and then move on somewhere else leaving your apartment rented to some tenant to pay for itself.

Or if you happen to be a digital nomad or someone who travels abroad a lot throughout the year, you may of course rent your apartment as a holiday stay four months a year, legally. 

There is no lack of options to make your investment profitable if you decide to buy an apartment. Let’s review the options: 

  1. Live in yourself
  2. Live in the apartment up to 8 months /year and do holiday lets up to 4 months a year
  3. Let the apartment out all year round while your mortgage gets paid. 

Every of those three options entail a different commitment, and while on option 1. you would be on full control of your apartment, manage the possible renovations and live in it enjoying life. With option 3. however you have to give out full control to someone you rely on, typically a friend, or an authorised body like an agency. 

With the third option, you would have to decide whether to rent out to the general public, and if you do I would recommend you get special insurance in case of ‘litige’ with your tenant. This can easily solved by getting what’s called in France ‘assurance de loyer impayé’, meaning if your tenant doesn’t pay, your insurance policy immediately covers you. 

Alternatively you may choose to work with an agency that works solely with HR departments at large companies who focus on employee mobility. Many of these work with expats who typically get their monthly rent paid for as part of their expenses. In these cases you wouldnt have to worry as much about the possibility of not getting paid. 

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