New visual identity for My Paris Apartments

New visual identity for My Paris Apartments

We have proud to announce that the visual identity for our humble apartment business gets a facelift. We have been promoting the apartment business for about 7 years with a logo that David built on Photoshop in a rush, and we’ve always thought it could get better. So we decided to take our little project onto Design Crowd and see what we could get out of it. The result has been an impressive amount of design proposals for design artists.

DesignCrowd is as the name suggests a crowdsourcing platform for designers and publishers to work on projects. As a client you can put up your project on their site, specify how much you want to pay and quickly get a bunch of designers bidding for your project. The next step is to choose the best design. You only pay for the winning design.

We feel the new logo reflects more appropriately the location for the apartments, the modern aspects of the properties ( on the words ‘My Paris’) but also the classic and stylish touch of the decoration inside the properties (in the word ‘Apartments’). We also kind of loved the artistic look of the Eiffel Tower.

This new business logo takes us into a new era with our humble rental business as we have started the month of September which an incredible array of bookings on both apartments. Our studio apartment has been overwhelmed with booking requests and reservations for nearly the whole of December and large amounts of bookings already for 2014 all the way to July next year. And the second apartment, our family apartment,  is also doing extremely well with only a few gaps left to book in the run up to January. Despite the increased competition in the holiday rental market in Paris, we are pleased to see our own share doing very well.

Feel free to let us know what you think of our visual identity.